Green House in Senior High School of Purwosari

Green House SMA Negeri 1 Purwosari

My school made a green house in front of the teachers’ office. The person who was appointed to be responsible for that green house put many plants and some birds in the green house. He also put in some food for the birds. He put the food in several places in order that those birds could find and get the food by themselves as they wish.

Some teachers like to sit in front of the teachers’ office to see and enjoy the scene in the green house. But I noticed that those birds were very confused, flying from one corner to other corners of the green house to look for food. They were unable to find their food easily because they did not know where the food was put by the man who is responsible for that green house. I was asked by one of my friends who was also sitting in front of the teacher’s office “What do you learn from it?” I said that we were like those birds when we have not found the places where our food is. We can go crazy too if we cannot find our food, in fact Allah has already provided our food, but we must find it by ourselves. To get our food, we must find the places where Allah puts our food. And to be able to find those places, we must have the knowledge to do it.

The Creator always thinks of the needs of His creations, and always cares for them with great love. But we often think negatively about Him when we do not have the food. If we see deeply into what is happening to us, the problem is our own. We are often impatient when we are learning the knowledge about how to get our food. Many people even become greedy when they find other’s food, even thought they do not know whose food it is. They will take the food that does not belong to them. They do not understand that Allah has given different food for each creation, the amount of the food is suitable and in accord with the needs and characteristics of each creation. So if a creation takes another’s food, it will cause a problem for him/her because the food is not suitable for his/her stomach. Allah has created different characteristics of every food and every stomach of every creation in order that every creation has enough food in this life.

Let’s see the kinds of birds, how many birds are there on this earth? They each have different food, such as: insects, seeds, worms, fruits, etc. And they will work hard to find their food provided for them because they cannot eat the food which is not for them. If they eat others, food they can get sick or die because their digestion will have the problem because of it.

So when we eat other’s food, we can cause a problem in ourselves, it can be a problem in our body or in our life too. In other words, if we are having problems, it means that it is our own fault. It is our carelessness. Then we should check ourselves in order that we will not repeat our mistakes anymore to stop the problem from continuing. And to remove the problem from our bodies or our lives, we ask the help from the Creator to cure us by promising that we will not do it anymore. Allah will help us……insha’Allah, He understands and forgives us for our stupidity.

“(saying): “Eat of the good things we have provided for your sustenance, but commit no excess therein, lest My Wrath should justly descend on you: and those on whom descends My Wrath do perish indeed!” (Surat Ta Ha 20:81)

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One Response to “Green House in Senior High School of Purwosari”
  1. izzah says:

    mch sama aj green house smanesa am yg dlu…

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